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The NEW HoverCam Ultra 8

The World's Best Document Camera.
Just Got Better.
Smarter. Faster. Better connected.

Ultra 8 is the HoverCam you can use without a computer. Ultra 8 is the world's first document camera with HDMI, VGA and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 video outputs with 8.0 MegaPixel resolution and 60 frames/sec speed. Connect it directly to a monitor or projector without a computer using an HDMI or VGA cable, or, use it with a computer with the USB cable to display live HD video for instruction, training and presentations.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Win & Mac

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is now available in Windows and MAC editions. Upgrade pricing is available with proof of previous licence. Please contact us or your preferred reseller for more information.

Splashtop Bundled with HoverCam Solo 8

View and Control Your HoverCam Using Your Tablet, Wirelessly!

Capture Ideas Easily and Engage Students Effortlessly, Wirelessly!

The HoverCam - Splashtop Bundle Includes:
* HoverCam Solo 8 document camera with Flex software for instruction and recording.
* A single user, one year subscription to Splashtop Classroom for the computer to make the HoverCam wireless - allowing the teacher to view and control the Solo 8 from their tablet, annotate over content then share with students devices.
* Works with up to 3 devices.
* All for $589.00 inc. gst.

The HoverCam - Splashtop Classroom licence Bundle Includes:
* HoverCam Solo 8 document camera with Flex software for instruction and recording.
* A single-user, one year subscription to Splashtop Mirroring 360 to display the teacher or students' iPad, Chromebook, PC or Mac to the teacher's desktop (and projector or large screen display if connected).
* Works on up to 40 devices
* All for $649.00 inc gst.

The HoverCam Solo 8 Document Camera

Possibly the best document camera ever built!
Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc., maker of the HoverCam document cameras and portable scanners, announced recently a new generation of document cameras that redefines document camera technology and pushes performance to an unprecedented level.
The HoverCam Solo 8 is the world's first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 document camera that utilizes an advanced 8-megapixel sensor that delivers uncompressed YUV video with 4K resolution at true 30 frames per second (fps) - full-motion video frame rate.

Australian HoverCam website

Over the past few months we, at Dataworks, have been working on creating an Australian website for the range of document scanners and visualizers. The site is located at http://au.thehovercam.com and features product information, "how to" videos, tutorials, technical support FAQs, and customer testimonials. We hope to continue to update the site with useful information on how to make the most out of the HoverCam document scanners and visualizers.
The range which includes the popular HoverCam T3, Solo5, Solo 8,NEO 3 and the NEW Ultra 8, have all proved to be highly popular amongst teachers. Teachers have found them invaluable in the classroom as an aid to present classroom lessons, scan student work and conduct live video presentations. Document cameras have replaced the overhead projector as one of the best tools for classroom instruction. Historically, document cameras were priced so high that many schools could not afford to equip more than a few select classrooms. The HoverCam changed that by introducing innovative technology that uses the power of the computer (rather than expensive optics) that makes it affordable for schools to empower every teacher with a HoverCam.

We encourage you to visit the site and learn how to make the most out your HoverCam.

Kid Pix 3D

The very popular Kid Pix 3D is now distributed through Dataworks Australia!
The biggest leap forward in a decade for the #1 student drawing and painting creativity software, Kid Pix 3D has everything your young artists need to tell their stories and adventures on screen.

Kid Pix is very popular amongst primary school students across Australia to unleash their creativity, story telling skills and imagination.

Please contact your preferred resellers for further information.

About Dataworks Australia

Founded in 1985 and based in Melbourne, Dataworks Australia is a leading Australian software publishing and distribution company. Dataworks also distributes educational technology products such as the Hovercam Document Camera, Children's keyboards, a range of Digital Cameras and Digital Tablets and many more. We are unique in being a publisher and distributor of software and educational products for the school, home and business markets.
As a wholesale publisher and distributor, we source educational products from leading suppliers - both domestic and international - for the Australian and New Zealand markets. For the home and education market, we distribute through the major education resellers. We are the Australian publisher and/or distributor for many of the world's leading educational suppliers including: Cambridge Hitachi, Software MacKiev, Honestech, Focus Educational Software, Kudlian Software and Pathways Innovations Inc.

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