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HoverCam Air Station 1

Product ID: 1243
Ages: all ages
Publisher: Pathway Inc
How it Works
AirStation I has a built-in USB host controller, which allows a connection from a Solo 5, Mini 5 or Neo 3’s USB output to be processed in the same fashion as if it were connected to a computer. The AirStation’s WiFi antenna then takes the USB video stream from the HoverCam, and relays it onto your iPad where you have ultimate control.

How it Works with Our App
We developed a dedicated app called DashTop, that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free. DashTop displays a live video stream from the AirStation when both the iPad and the AirStation are connected to the wireless LAN in the classroom.

Through DashTop, you will be able to annotate in multiple colors, pinch-to-zoom, pan, take snapshots and more. To project your presentation onto a big screen, simply connect your iPad to a projector or a TV with the use of an adapter (that can be purchased from a certified manufacturer).

*HoverCam Document Camera and tablet are not included.

System Requirements

Pricing Guide

Product CodeProduct TypeRRP ($AUD)
HAS1HoverCam Air Station 1339.00
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