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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Int'l Ed Edition WIN & MAC

Product ID: 1233
Ages: 5 - Adult
Publisher: Software MacKiev
Even more games!
With seventeen gorgeous typing games, including the new Ragtime Rhythm, this Mavis Beacon has more games than ever before.
Mavis Avatar
The world's number one typing instructor comes alive in this new edition when she speaks to you as an avatar during your typing lessons.

Click to PlayExport Creature Movies!
Create an animal or a fantasy creature in the Creature Lab Game, then export it as a QuickTime® movie to post on the Web or send to a friend. Typing practice was never this much fun!
Track Your Progress. Chart Your Success!
Mavis Beacon tracks your progress step by step and points out the keys you need to concentrate on. And when you pass a major typing milestone you can print out a certificate from the Mavis Beacon Institute.
Twice as many classic novels
We've added the full text of even more classic novels to keep you engrossed as you type — from Around the World in Eighty Days to Moby Dick. Bookmarks are placed automatically as you pause or stop the lesson, so you can always find your place right away.
Song Lyrics Practice
Practice typing the lyrics from your favorite music while you listen to the same songs in your iTunes® playlists!
Dvorak Keyboard
We think August Dvorak would be mighty pleased that the keyboard he introduced in 1936 would be used by the world's fastest typists. Now you can try out the Dvorak keyboard too - as an option to the traditional QWERTY keyboard in this new edition.
iCal® Reminders
Now you can easily set up automatic reminders in iCal to make sure you get in the practice time you need - up to three times a day!
Floating Typing Gauge
Measure your typing speed in any application with this new floating menu bar utility.

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Pricing Guide

Product CodeProduct TypeRRP ($AUD)
MBMACSingle User39.99
MBMACL2-20Add on Lic 2-2027.00
MBMACL21-50Add on Lic 21-5026.00
MBMACL51-99Add on Lic 51-9925.00
MBMACL100-500Add on Lic 100-50024.00
MBMACLNW50Network 50 User Lic799.00
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