Lesson Activities 2


A superb way of fully integrating the Bee-Bot floor robot into Early Years and Primary lessons.

Bee-Bot Lesson Activities 2 is based on eight well-known TTS cross-curricular activity mats including: Farmyard, Seaside, Fairy Tale, Katie Morag, Community, World Map, UK Map, Bee-Bot’s Home.

The software includes a range of activities for eight Bee-Bot cross-curricular activity mats. Challenges are solved by programming sequences of moves on-screen with feed-back given when tasks have been completed. Users can create their own on-screen activity mats and build and save 3D Bee-Bot worlds. Inexperienced readers can listen to recordings of the activity instructions.

Bee-Bot Mats featured in the program:

  • Farmyard
  • Seaside
  • Fairy Tale
  • Katie Morag
  • Community
  • Community
  • World Map
  • UK Map
  • Bee-Bot’s Home