Pilot 3

Software MacKiev

The new fully-loaded, mobile, digital podium for every classroom.

The HoverCam Pilot is armed with a sleek multi-touch screen, powerful Intel Core i5/i7 Computer running Windows, a 4K document camera and a microphone.

Teach whilst facing the front of your class whilst being wirelessly connected to your interactive whiteboard or display panel. The in-built lightning port allows you to connect your i-pad or i-phone and mirroring software allows you to share your desktop with the classroom.

Alternatively, you can control the whiteboard or display screen from your i-pad while you walk around your classroom allowing you to fully engage with your students.

  • Write on the board without turning your back to your students
  • Windows PC with 21” HD touchscreen
  • 13 Megapixel document camera included
  • Mirroring from iOS devices
  • KnoteSter software suite enables annotation and lesson recording
  • Retractable keypad and trackpad
  • Connect your PC, MAC, i-pad, tablet, mobile device or external drive