Stopmotion Studio 4.0


Creating stop-motion animation not only encourages the development of story-telling, it also provides an opportunity for kids to use the PC as a movie production tool.

By combining the power of your PC and stop-motion animation, users can to bring figures, objects or drawings to life.

Great for education and school projects. Capture images of clay, action figures, still photos, and drawings to create your own stop-motion movies.

View the frames in sequence for easy editing. Add onscreen text, subtitles, sound effects, voice, and background music. Import your photos from digital camera or PC.

Capture Tools
Auto capture makes capturing images easier and faster than ever. Control brightness and other camera settings. Flip your image vertically or horizontally (mirror image). Grid and key drawing features help you adjust your subject more accurately.

User Interface
Capture images using webcam, camcorder, and more. Onionskin and rotoscope features help to easily shape or position a figure. Adjustable frame rate allows you to control the speed of your video. Preview your work before creating output.